Channing is an independent school for girls aged 4-18 in Highgate, North London. A centre of academic excellence, we inspire our pupils to develop scholarship, integrity, altruism and independence. Channing School is unique in providing an education based on the principles of two Unitarian sisters who, more than 130 years ago, founded a school for girls in Highgate, North London. 

In a changing world of uncertainty and pressure, girls find at Channing an oasis of calm purpose, where pupils are encouraged to think for themselves, and to keep an open mind. Our academic results are among the best in the country and our most recent Independent School's Inspectorate (ISI) awarded Channing the highest possible ratings in all categories, concluding that 'The quality of pupils' achievements and learning is exceptional'.  

Each girl is treated as an individual and valued for her achievements and efforts, whether they be sporting, musical, theatrical, intellectual, spiritual or academic…or none of the above. Sometimes the greatest lessons are learned from the kindness of others and we recognise and encourage this, too.

Every member of the school belongs to a warm, supportive community and this includes all our pupils, staff, parents, alumnae and many friends. We hope that our website contains information to help you and your daughter make an informed choice about their education, however we do urge you to visit us as well. Many visitors comment on the indefinable 'feel' of the school, its very special atmosphere and unique ethos. Our website can only paint a picture: the people will tell you the full story!

Our latest film tells the story of a Year 7 pupil finding her feet in the Senior School. Moving from Junior to Senior Schools can be exciting and scary in equal measures, but at Channing, we know exactly how to make girls feel welcome, comfortable and confident to take on the exciting challenge of secondary education. Gaining independence, maturity and genuine mutual respect between teachers and pupils is the reward for giving it your all and making the most of all the wonderful opportunities on offer.