Channing students in the playground

Community and Partnerships

At Channing, we are famed for our supportive ‘family’ of pupils, staff and alumnae. Everyone in the Channing community is valued equally for their contribution to our School and pupils regularly mention that indefinable feeling of warmth and comfort.  

Though large enough to ensure academic rigour and excellent facilities, our size gives pupils both security and a sense of their own significance. We celebrate success however our students define it,  and hope that each girl here knows she is valued as an individual. 

To maintain our happy and purposeful atmosphere, we emphasise concern and respect for the needs of others. As such, we see our role in the wider community as incredibly important, embracing causes affecting both the local area and further afield. Whether it’s cake sales raising money for our nominated School Charity, helping out at the local branch of Oxfam or working at The Harington Scheme, members of the Channing community gain first-hand experience of the value of helping others.

For many years, we have enjoyed supporting and participating in local events such as Fair in the Square, Proms at St Jude’s, the Highgate Festival and Lauderdale House’s Heritage Weekend among many others. We often also support The Whittington Hospital and local care homes through our volunteering and charitable work.

Chatting with Channing

Listen to our interview with our Year 13 Charity Officers, Eliza and Hannah, from our podcast ‘Chatting with Channing‘. 

They’ll talk us through what the role of Charity Officer entails, why charity is so important at Channing School and what other support they provide at the school. But we’ll also get to hear about the upcoming events they have planned, as well as some advice Eliza and Hannah would give to younger pupils interested in charity work.

Channing Partnerships

The Unitarian values of our founders of free thinking, acceptance and inclusivity drive us to reach beyond the school gates to build a local network of partnerships, which will have a positive social and educational impact on the local community and our school.

We are delighted to be in partnership with Highgate Newtown Community Partners and Brookfield Primary School.  This partnership has enabled us to work together to deliver a whole range of activities: chatting with older guests at HNCP lunches; making videos to support Under 5s during lockdown; problem-solving sessions organised and taught by our Year 12 students for Year 5 and 6 pupils at Brookfield; a Science Club bringing enrichment to pupils who may not otherwise have access to such activities; and so much more. 

As part of this Education Plus partnership, last July we ran a Summer Camp to provide pupils in the area with an opportunity to attend a camp which was both educational and fun.  Plans are already underway for this Summer and there will be free places available for pupils from a number of local primary schools.

Our partnership with HNCP has led us to reach out to other schools in the hope of creating mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships.  It has been particularly exciting to see the development of our extra curricular clubs.  The Philosophy Club at our Junior School was opened up to Yerbury School alongside Brookfield and students have engaged in fascinating discussions.  Whilst Debating Club has also garnered support from our collaboration with Yerbury and Brookfield.  

St. Joseph’s Primary school has welcomed some of our Year 9 students  in the morning who have been helping with reading with KS1 students during breakfast club, whilst their KS2 students are enjoying Knitting club at the Junior School.

Channing also has a growing collaboration with St. Aloysius College, which is just around the corner from the school.  Channing has invited St. Aloysius students to activities for Higher Education, as well as Debating and Latin Club.  Year 7 Channing students have also had the opportunity to utilise St. Aloysius’ specialist D/T rooms for a weekly D/T club.  

You can read case studies about our partnerships on the Schools Together website.