Channing Charities

Welcome to the Channing Charities page

This page is run by the Charity Officers Kate Anderson and Tiana Parti.

School Charity

Senior School students have chosen to support the Young Minds charity for the 2018-2019 academic year. Most of our fundraising will go towards this very worthy cause.

Plan International UK

Last academic year, 2017-18, the students at the Senior School decided to raise money for Plan International UK. For 80 years, Plan have been promoting children’s rights, particularly girls, through it’s persistent efforts in ‘education, health, child protection and economic security and sanitation’.

Last year, through numerous charity weeks and small fundraising events, we have raised £22,000. Thank you for your generosity.

Serving our community

There are many things to be proud of at Channing, but perhaps one of the most important is our Community Service.

It’s part of our Unitarian heritage and has been one of our core values since Channing started 130 years ago.

Taking part in Community Service gives you the opportunity of taking a responsible role whilst at the same time developing leadership, social and organisational skills. During the last academic year, Years 9 – 13 volunteered a very impressive 3,500 hours of service as part of the DOE Programme. Others do some Community Service within the School, such as Sixth Formers volunteering to organise and run lunchtime and after school clubs for the younger girls.

Pop into Oxfam and Mary Portas’ s Living & Giving in the Village and you’ll see some of our Sixth Formers helping to manage the shops. Others opt for working at The Harrington Scheme, an organisation that works with young adults with learning difficulties, or The Hill Homes Foundation.

This year we have developed new links with The Bridge, a local school for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties, and also with the JW3 Heritage Project. This exciting new initiative allows Sixth Formers to be trained to interview members of the local Jewish Community and then create an online resource and eventual exhibition. Others help out with community projects in their own local church, mosque or synagogue.

We raise money for a number of different charities each year including one which is very dear to our heart – the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation (Alexandra was a Channing pupil).

You will find yourself taking part in local events including the switch on of the Highgate Christmas Lights and the Summer Fair in the Square, where you can either help set up, act as a steward or perform. You’ll also be able to visit residential homes and hospitals and perform concerts at Christmas and at other times during the academic year. During this time we’ll watch you develop into a well rounded, independent young adult and see you grow in confidence.

For as Matilda Sharpe, one of the founders of Channing said: “Never forget that life is expecting much of you and me”.