FAQs 16+

When is your Sixth Form Open Evening?

Our Sixth form Open Evening will take place on Wednesday, 23 September at 6.00pm. Prospective students and their parents can attend a welcome talk with our Headteacher Lindsey Hughes, meet with current Sixth Form pupils, have a tour of the school and speak with teaching staff about their subject choice.  Members of the senior leadership are on hand to answer any of your questions.

What is the admissions process to join Channing Sixth Form?

Current Year 11 students do not need to submit an application for a place in the Sixth Form as they already have a place. They will receive confirmation of this in December 2020 from the Headmistress. Students who wish to consider other options for Sixth Form should make an appointment to talk about this with the Headmistress.

External applicants: Must complete and submit our 16+ Application Form before the published closing date. All external applicants are invited to attend an interview with the Headmistress and the Director of Sixth Form and a request is sent to candidates’ current schools for a reference and GCSE predictions. 

What GCSE Grades do I need to join Channing Sixth Form?

Typical applicants to join the Sixth Form at Channing will be on course to achieve 10 GCSEs, with the majority at grades 7 – 9.  Places are offered conditionally on your final GCSE grades. These must include English and Mathematics at Grade 6 or above, and at least a Grade 7 in those subjects you wish to study at A level (Grade 8 in Mathematics to study Further Mathematics). For ‘new’ subjects which have not been offered at GCSE, a minimum of a Grade 7 in a supporting subject is required, for example, in History or English for A level Politics, or in Science or Mathematics for Psychology. All offers are conditional on achieving the required grades at GCSE.

When is the closing date for applications for entry in September 2022?

30th October 2021.

How can applicants prepare for your interview?

There is no special preparation required for the Sixth Form interview.  Candidates should be themselves at interview and answer questions about the subjects they wish to study at interview and why they have chosen them. We want applicants to enjoy the interview and the conversations they will have with the Headmistress, Director of Sixth Form and other teachers they meet.

What does Channing look for in prospective Sixth Form students?

Enthusiasm, passion, intelligence and girls who have has something to say about their own interests and the world around them. We also look for students that would make a contribution to the life of the Sixth Form and the school, get involved in what happens at Channing and make the most of all the opportunities we offer our Sixth Form students.

Do you have to sit an entrance examination to join the Sixth Form?

Students wishing to join Channing Sixth Form, including current Year 11 students, do not have to sit an entrance examination unless they want to apply for a Sixth Form Academic Scholarship. Prospective Sixth Formers who want to apply for an Academic Scholarship must sit the Scholarship exam. For date for the 2021 entry  exam will be published shortly. 

Do you offer any other Scholarships or any Bursaries on entry to the Sixth Form?

Yes. In addition to Academic Scholarships we also offer Art Scholarships, Music Scholarships and Bursaries. Please use the following link to find our more and how to apply for them: Sixth Form Scholarships and Bursaries

Can Sixth Formers choose 4 A Level subjects and then drop one later in the term or can they only study 3 subjects?  

We offer Sixth Form students the option to choose three or four A level subjects.  Students studying 4 A level subjects can choose to drop one later in the term if they wish.

How do you prepare students for Oxbridge and overseas universities?

The UCAS process at Channing starts in Year 12 with presentations and the annual ‘SPRINGBOARD TO THE FUTURE FAIR’ where Admissions Tutors, expert speakers and organisations come to the school so Year 12s can learn about universities and other options. In Year 13, with the support and guidance of your personal Tutors and Heads of Department, you will be ready to submit your application. If your university sights have been set on Oxford or Cambridge, or a special application (including Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dentistry), you will receive the expert advice and support from a specialist mentor team of teachers, alumnae, parents and other expert advisors, in order to give you the best possible chance of securing an interview and ultimately, the offer of a place. More students are now considering studying in the USA and Canada. Specialist presentations, workshops and guidance on essays as well as applications are available at Channing with students going on to study at a range of schools and colleges across North America.

What universities to Year 13 leavers go to?

Our Year 13 pupils go on to study at a wide variety of universities in the UK and overseas. For the full list of destinations and courses for 2021 please visit the following link: Leavers Destinations.

Is it possible to be a Sixth Form Officer or Head Girl if you join the Sixth Form from another school?

Girls who join the Sixth Form have as much opportunity as girls who join from Year 11 to apply and be awarded leadership roles. They are open to all Sixth Form students irrespective of when they joined the school. There is a formal application process with interviews for the Senior leadership roles so everyone has an opportunity to apply and be considered for the many officership roles available. 

When do you send out the results of external applications?

We send the result of your application on 30 November 2021. The deadline for acceptance is 15 December 2021.