Senior School pupil singing

Structure of the School

Channing is divided into the Junior School (ages 4 – 11) and the Senior School (ages 11 – 18) which comprises:

  • Years 7, 8 & 9
  • Years 10 & 11
  • Sixth Form: Years 12 & 13

In the Senior School, form groups consist of approximately 20-24 girls, and are looked after by a Tutor. Assisted by a team of co-tutors, they will care for pupils’ general well-being and progress. Tutors get to know pupils in their form groups personally through registration twice a day, twice-weekly form times and a weekly session of PSHE.

The Head of Year looks after the daily running and welfare of all the girls in the Year Group, while the Heads of Year and the Head of Sixth Form oversee the pastoral care of all the pupils in their Year Groups.

In the Sixth Form, tutor groups are formed of Year 12 and 13 pupils to build a sense of unity. Approximately 130 students share their own, newly-built Sixth Form Centre, and enjoy smaller class sizes (typically 6 – 8) to ensure greater interaction between students and subject tutors.

The Houses

There are four Houses at Channing, all named after eminent Highgate residents and they are led by a Head of House (who is a staff member) and the House Captains. The Houses are:

When you first start at Channing, whether that’s in the Junior or Senior school, you will be assigned membership of a House. That membership will last you throughout your time with us.

Lots of fun events take place every term, including the staff v student netball match, the Middle School Christmas Quiz and various sporting events such as Sports Day. The House Captains also organise a yearly event, which could be a play or a singing competition.