absence reporting
absence reporting

Absence Reporting

What to do when your child is unable to attend school

Senior School

If your daughter is unable to attend school, please phone the school office on 020 8340 2328 before 8.30am. You can ring as early as you like – a message on the answerphone is fine. If we do not hear from you, the office will telephone you to ensure that all is well. When your daughter returns to school, you should send a letter or email to her Form Tutor explaining the reason for her absence, even if you have already phoned us. Should your daughter have a medical or dental appointment in school time, please let us know in writing 48 hours beforehand. We expect girls to make up work missed through absence, once she is well again.

Exceptional Absence

Requests for absence for any other reason should be sent to the Headmistress at least a fortnight in advance. These are always considered on an individual basis and, while we try to be sympathetic, we feel that girls should be in the classroom. In general, permission to miss school is not given for family holidays, and you are asked to make holiday arrangements in advance so they do not interrupt the beginning or end of terms. Term dates are on the school website at least a year in advance. Please note that attendance at the Carol Concert and Founders’ Day is obligatory.

Late to School

If your daughter arrives late, she should sign in at the School Office on arrival. For obvious reasons, it is crucial that our records show that she is in school.

Equally, if she has to leave early, she must sign out at the School Office just before she leaves. Persistent lateness is discouraged: if it seems to be more habit than accident, girls are asked to report to the school office at 8am for a week.

If you are going away overnight, please remember to let us know who will be looking after your daughter in your absence, in case she is ill or there is an emergency.

Junior School

Please ring the school office before 9am and leave a message on the answerphone. Keep in touch with us if the illness is prolonged and always send in a note on her return to explain her absence. Children who are ill or infectious should be kept at home. In accordance with Health Protection Agency guidelines, we request that you keep your daughter at home for 48 hours after sickness or diarrhoea.

If you are unavoidably delayed or have to change your daughter’s collection arrangements
Please ring the School Office at the earliest opportunity to warn us, so that your daughter’s teacher can be informed and she does not become anxious or upset. Your daughter can wait for you in Late Owls Club, which is supervised.