Code of Conduct

Working together to make Channing a better place to learn

As members of the Channing community we all have a responsibility to ensure that everyone can work in a welcoming and safe school.  This code of conduct is based on respect for the individual, for property, our community and the environment.  


  • Be courteous and considerate towards everyone.  
  • Girls are expected to arrive at school before 8.25am. Any girl who arrives before 8.00am MUST go to the Dining Room. 
  • Girls arriving late or leaving early must sign in/out using the appropriate list in the School Office.
  • If you are absent, your parents must contact the School Office before 9.00am to explain your absence. Written absence notes or email notifications are required after every absence.
  • Requests for leave of absence for reasons other than illness or emergency should be made in writing to the Headmistress at least two weeks in advance.
  • Please ensure that reply slips are returned by the required date.
  • Wear the correct uniform. Remember that you represent the school wherever you go in uniform or on a group expedition or school occasions. You may not go to lunch or home in your PE kit.
  • No make-up, nail varnish or jewellery, except for discreet religious items, may be worn with school uniform.  One small stud earring may be worn in each ear. No other body piercings may be visible. 
  • Skirts should be of a respectable length and no shorter than a hand’s width above the knee. Trainer socks are not allowed.
  • If your hair is shoulder length or longer, it is to be completely tied back with a plain, dark-coloured fastener when in school uniform. Only natural hair colour is permitted.


  • Hair needs to be tied back.
  • Hot drinks must not be carried around the school.
  • Girls below the Sixth Form do not go outside the school grounds without the permission of a member of staff. 
  • Any girl who feels unwell or has injured herself should report immediately to the School Nurse(s).  Due to allergies, no girl should bring food into school.
  • Please wait to see the School Nurse(s) at breaktimes, if it is not an emergency.
  • All medicines brought to school must be taken to the School Nurse(s) before morning registration with details on dosage.  If the Nurse(s) is not available, medicines must be handed to the School Office. 
  • Girls may not go home sick without the permission of the Nurse or a senior member of staff.
  • It is important to be prompt for any appointment time with the School Counsellor,  SENCO or member of staff.
  • Smoking or vaping on the school premises or in school uniform or being in possession of alcohol, drugs or other harmful and illegal substances is likely to result in either temporary or permanent exclusion and possible contact with the police.
  • Girls who wish to cycle to school must have written permission from the Headmistress.  Cycling within the school grounds is not permitted.


  • Girls may use the Library after school Monday to Thursday until 5.30pm, if the Librarian is there and if they have signed in. Girls must inform the office if they are in the school and not supervised by a member of staff. 
  • Observe the rules of the Computer Rooms, Library, Art Rooms and Science Laboratories in the interests of all. 
  • Move briskly between rooms, keeping in single file on stairs and corridors. 
  • Wait politely for staff to go first through doors (please hold them open) or along corridors.  Stand up when a teacher enters the classroom.
  • All girls are expected to attend the Carol Concert and Founders’ Day celebrations. These are both compulsory. 


  • Valuable, personal property (e.g. iPads, mobile phones, large sums of money etc.,) is brought to school at the owner’s risk: it is each girl’s responsibility to keep any valuables locked away in her locker or on her person.  Mobile phones must be switched off and NOT used or be visible during the school day. All confiscations are logged and parents will be informed.
  • No one should take another person’s property without permission.
  • Name all books and possessions clearly and take care of them. You must use a padlock to secure all your property.
  • All PE bags should be stored in lockers. No property should be left in corridors, public areas or the main reception area. 


  • Keep the school tidy – both inside and out. All girls are responsible for tidiness in their form rooms.
  • Chewing gum is forbidden on school premises at any time.
  • Food may only be consumed in the dining room (with the exception of fruit which may be eaten outside). 
  • School equipment, especially computers, whiteboards and projectors in classrooms should not be used without the permission of a member of staff. These should only be used for educational purposes.
  • Report any breakages or repairs to your tutor.