Medical Information
Medical Information

Medical Information

Putting health in the hands of experienced professionals

Channing School has two experienced and highly qualified Registered Nurses. They are supported in the Junior School by a Nursing Assistant.

The Nurses will care for any pupils who have become unwell or have been injured during the day, as well as supporting those with any chronic health conditions. They are also available to discuss in confidence any problems or anxieties they may have. Our school ethos is to support pupils to stay at school as much as possible, but Nurses will use their professional judgement to decide if a pupil needs to be sent home and will contact parents to collect them.

All Teaching Assistants in the Junior School have Paediatric First Aid training. PE teachers, staff leading DofE excursions, and Forest School staff have specific specialised First Aid training. All other staff have access to a bespoke online Channing first aid training course. We also have more than the required numbers of staff trained in First Aid at Work.

If your daughter needs to take any medicine during the school day, please read the Medications Policy.

If you have any concerns about your daughter, please email the Nurses on

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