Medical Information
Medical Information

Medical Information

Putting health in the hands of experienced professionals

The School has two experienced and highly qualified Nurses, Mrs Franklin and Ms Cooper, who provide nursing cover throughout the school day. We also have several members of staff fully trained in first aid.

All girls in the Senior School have access to the Medical Room throughout the day, but are encouraged to see the Nurse during breaks. In emergencies, they may be given permission to leave lessons to see the Nurse. The Nurses will care for any girls who have become unwell or have been injured during the day, and support girls with any chronic medical conditions. They are also available to discuss in confidence any problems or anxieties the girls may have.

If your daughter needs to take any medication during the school day, please read the Medicines Policies.

The Medical Room is easily accessible at the heart of the Senior School, is well equipped and is a welcoming and comfortable room. The Junior School also has its own medical room.

The Nurse visits the Junior School daily at lunchtime, to see any girls who require assessment and to give any prescribed medication. The Nurse can be contacted for emergencies at any time.

Medical Policies and Further Information