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charities and outreach
charities and outreach

Charities and Outreach

Experiencing all walks of life

At Channing we pride ourselves on developing the altruistic nature of our girls.

Having an understanding of not just those less fortunate, but also the happiness that help can bring is integral to building the girls’ characters. We aim to work with various charities that the girls can really engage with and understand the difference their help makes. It allows the girls to have a more personal involvement with the activity that brings a deeper sense of purpose and integrity.

By exposing our girls to different charities from an early age, they will learn that there are all kinds of people and life experiences in this world. They will begin to see and truly understand that there are people less materialistically fortunate than themselves. Grasping this concept early will help our girls to grow up with a grateful and caring attitude.

At Channing we raise money for different charities through enjoyable fundraising events such as cake sales, sponsored individual challenges, talent contests, fancy dress days, raffles and many more.

Charities have included: Food Bank, Whittington Hospital, Caris, WDC and Rays of Sunshine.