the school day
the school day

The school day

Time Description
07:30am Early Bird Club begins (before school childcare – optional)
08:05am Girls may enter the playground, where they will be supervised by a member of staff
08:20am Girls enter school via the playground doors and terrace entrance
08:30am Registration. Girls arriving after 8.30am must report to the School Office
08:35am Assembly
09:00am Lessons begin
10:30am Morning break
10:55am Lessons resume
12:00pm – 01:00pm Lunch (Reception–Year 2)
12:30pm – 01:30pm Lunch (Year 3–Year 6)
02:55pm Reception dismissal (Friday 2.40pm)
03:05pm Year 1 dismissal (Friday 2.50pm)
03:15pm Extra-curricular clubs for Key Stage 1 from 3.15pm
03:15pm Year 2 dismissal (Friday 3.00pm)
03:30pm Years 3 and Year 4 dismissal (Friday 3.10pm)
03:40pm Years 5 and Year 6 dismissal (Friday 3.20pm)
03:45pm Extra-curricular clubs for Key Stage 2 from 3.45pm
03:15pm – 05:50pm Late Owls Club (Friday until 4.50pm)