Anne-Marie Conway
Anne-Marie Conway

Author Visit: Anne-Marie Conway

Channing Junior girls had a sneak preview of an exciting new children’s book on Monday 12 November – which they helped to inspire.

Award-winning children’s writer and Channing Junior School drama teacher Anne-Marie Conway got the idea for her latest book when she asked her classes what she should write about next. The unanimous answer was; ‘Unicorns!’ – and so she decided to do her first public reading of ‘Unicorn Girl’ in the place where it all started. On Monday 12th November, Years 3-6 took part in a special workshop, heard extracts from the book and participated in a Q&A, followed by a book-signing in the library.

Unicorn Girl is Miss Conway’s seventh novel. It is being published to help raise money to build a new library at a local secondary school, with profits from the first 5000 copies sold going towards the fund. Miss Conway said, “I had the most fantastic day talking to the girls in KS2. They were so enthusiastic and asked so many questions. I told them about the decision to self-publish in order to raise money for the new library, and how I got my niece involved doing the illustrations. It was a real treat to kickstart my promotional events at Fairseat – and I’m looking forward to talking to Year 7 girls at the senior school on Monday.”

If anyone would still like to purchase a copy of Unicorn Girl, it is available on Amazon and also at local bookshops.