5 bronte by polly teale

‘Brontë’ by Polly Teale

On Tuesday 30th November Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies students staged extracts from ‘Brontë’ by Polly Teale, using Shared Experience’s unique blend of naturalism and expressionism to present their scenes. The Component 3 examination showcased their physical theatre skills, characterisation and sought to explain the three Brontë sisters’ lives, which were often misunderstood. The audience were invited into their struggles to make their mark on the literary world as women (they wrote under the nom de plumes of Currer, Ellis & Acton Bell) and the impact of their father and brother on the choices. The piece flits between the fantasy world of the sisters’ novels and their lived experience – period costume and striking design choices made this a memorable interpretation and a visual treat for the audience.