Cambridge Chemistry Race

On Saturday 19th February, we (Amelia, Irina and Lidia from Year 13) travelled to Cambridge to take part in the Cambridge Chemistry Race. A fun competition inspired by a similar Czech competition, the Cambridge Chemistry Race was a challenging look at the concepts learnt at A-level but reworked to create a series of puzzles. Although it required teamwork and logical reasoning, the race proved to be as fun as advertised with the enticing ‘Prize Buffet’ an incentive for winning. After we battled the storm, train cancellations and team members who were stuck in different counties, we competed against the likes of Henrietta Barnet and the London Academy of Excellence. Although a fierce competition, it was an excellent day out and a look at the applications of modern Chemistry. We and Dr Spinks would like to thank Mr Lonergan for giving up his Saturday to drive the team to Cambridge after our travel plans were disrupted by storm Eunice – we couldn’t have competed without him!