Career Talks – Michele Frolla

Michele Frolla is an esteemed entrepreneur and someone who has taken a passion to travelling the world. She has learned multiple languages, her main one being Italian, her heritage language. Last week, Year 9 received a very informative and inspiring talk from Ms

We learnt about her initial interest in computer science and graphic design. She studied both subjects in University in her home town in Australia, before leaving to pursue a tech career in Rome, Italy. Ms Frolla talked about how she loved speaking Italian on a daily basis and using it in the workplace. We loved her passion for the language and her love for it.

We found out about Michele’s website, called The Intrepid Guide, where she shares her travels. With this, she provides online courses to learn the basics of languages from all across the world, using her strong background in IT and graphic design. She discussed how this job was not only good for making money, it was the thing she is most passionate about.

Bella, Year 9