Career Talks – Sharon Jaffe & Sarah Lockett

Year 7
In preparation for participation in the National Enterprise Challenge, Year 7 were treated to an inspiring talk by Sharon Jaffe, an entrepreneur with a background in business and marketing. She founded the CyClub, a successful spinning studio which has weathered the storm of the pandemic and generously shared her tips with Year 7 who asked a multitude of excellent questions.

Year 10
In preparation for an exciting week of careers and networking activities next week, Sarah Lockett, a successful actress, broadcast presenter and journalist, thoughtfully addressed us with a presentation on How to Present Yourself. Ms Lockett shared many tips from her own personal experiences, including the importance of adjusting your body language to show engagement and what your choice of clothing may suggest about you. Through an engaging speech, she offered valuable advice about how to answer interview questions as well as tips to show off your strengths. Lastly, she taught us how to deal with public speaking and to greet colleagues professionally including practical ideas about how to tackle feeling nervous during an initial meeting. Channing students now feel more confident to present themselves as competent and eager future workers and to act professionally.

Elsa K, Year 10