Channing are North London Young Enterprise Winners

Congratulations to Team Ignite who won the North London Young Enterprise Final this week. Their product Can-dle – ‘the can that calms’ blew away the judges. Homemade using biodegradable soy wax, an upcycled tin can and 100% recyclable packaging, it is a sustainable luxury option which aims to promote positive mental health. The judges praised the team‘s professional, positive and united approach to interview, the sustainability of the product, the clear branding and the impressive sales through digital marketing only.They loved the fact that friends and family were all involved and were particularly impressed by the global reach of Can-dle which has sold in New Zealand, Edinburgh and the US. We would like to thank Stefanie Bour, Karla Duffner, Malcolm Sullivan and Mrs Blake who provided invaluable feedback to support Team Ignite in their preparation. Good Luck in the Regional Final!