Chatting with Channing

Chatting with Channing – Episode 1

We are delighted to launch the first episode of our brand new podcast series: Chatting with Channing. Chatting with Channing lets the listener find out more about our wonderful school by hearing from people throughout the school community. Each episode, they’ll hear real stories from staff, pupils, parents and alumnae, to give a true reflection of life on Highgate Hill.

And in our very first episode, we’re speaking to our Headmistress, Mrs Lindsey Hughes. Lindsey explains what it means when you hear the phrase, ‘Girls enjoying success’, she talks about the importance of being 10% braver, and we also hear about pastoral care and the educational research the staff get involved in.

We also get to find out a little bit more about Lindsey herself, how she might choose to spend her time when she’s not in school.

We hope you’ll listen along and sign up so you can receive alerts when a new episode launches. Please let us know what you think and if you have any great ideas for future episodes, or even if you’d like to be interviewed yourself!

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