EPAS – Euroscola Event

On Friday 10th December our EPAS senior ambassadors took part in a live Euroscola event run by the European Parliament. We joined 77 schools and more than 2000 students across a host of countries speaking 24 different languages to play the part of MEPs and discuss our vision for the digital age. Students were welcomed by the President, David Maria Sassoli, who spoke of young people taking centre stage in strengthening and unifying Europe and welcomed the opportunity to hear their questions and constructive criticism about the future of the internet and European democracy. Out of so many schools, we were lucky to be chosen to ask a question live which was very exciting for all of us in the room!

“On Friday, we participated in Euroscola, an event hosted online by the European Parliament for schools across Europe. As well as being informative, this event really fostered a sense of togetherness, as we participated alongside schools from France to Poland. We learnt about the functioning of the European Parliament and its laws, and then we got to pose our questions directly to the Vice President of the European Parliament, Nicola Beer. We had the opportunity to hear questions from students all across Europe and found the answers very interesting and informative. Our question was about the effects of disinformation on society and we found the Vice President’s answer fascinating.”

Gabby D-K & Emily M,Year 12