French Debating Competition

On 1 February we attended the regional French Debating Competition at St Paul’s Girls’ School to debate the following motions, en français bien sûr!

Le succès planétaire de la pop coréenne fait plus de tort que de bien.
The global success of Korean pop does more harm than good.

Une république avec un président élu est préférable à une monarchie parlementaire.
A republic with an elected president is preferable to a parliamentary monarchy.

Nous avons l’obligation morale de renoncer à tous les produits alimentaires contribuant au réchauffement climatique.
We have a moral obligation to renounce all food products which contribute towards global warming.

It was a very exhilarating and enriching experience, as well as a good opportunity to practise our French and improve our public speaking and debating skills, gaining a lot of confidence in ourselves, as well as in our individual debating styles. A fairly successful day, we won two debates against Ibstock Place and St Olave’s and narrowly, by two points, lost one against Winchester. We greatly profited from this experience and had lots of fun!

Ruby A Year 12 and Maria K Year 11