Head of the junior school for the day competition

Head of the Junior School for the Day Competition

It was a pleasure to spend time last week with Amelie K (6W) as the Head’s PA. She had a jam-packed day which started with welcoming the girls into school followed by helping Miss Pepper with Hymn Practice. With much excitement and a raucous reaction echoing around the school, Miss Kent then announced the results of the previous day’s House Competition Day via the loudspeaker.

Miss Kent’s day also included: writing an email to the Mayor of Camden; making a telephone call to Mrs Hughes; enjoying a tea party with three of her friends; carrying out a pupil voice survey with the Y5 and Y6 girls to create a wishlist for the terrace; touring around the school to check in on all of the classes; and reading a story to the Reception classes. In her busy schedule, she also enjoyed having lunch with the Senior Management Team (Miss Wright, Miss Bolton, Mrs Eliad, Miss McGinnety and me) and sipping hot chocolate with biscuits in the Staffroom.

Thank you to all of the girls who bought a raffle ticket and for supporting Amelie on the day.

Miss Hamalis