Inspirational Speakers – Sir Dieter Helm CBE

Sir Dieter Helm CBE, Professor of Economic Policy at Oxford University, gave an excellent talk last night attended by Channing students from Year 7 to 13, parents, staff as well as students from local schools. Professor Helm has advised successive governments on how to address climate change and energy policy in his capacity as Independent Chair of the Natural Capital Committee, proposing practical and economically viable solutions for the sustainable use of natural capital.

Professor Helm made a wholly compelling case for more sustainable consumption by each of us and for greater global collaboration to halt climate change and protect biodiversity. This is more vital than ever as temperatures continue to rise and carbon sinks as significant as the Amazon rainforest turn into net emitters of carbon. Government reviews should focus on ensuring that all polluters pay for their emissions – in agriculture and other sectors, as well as in industry.

Searching questions on his most recent book Net Zero were skilfully put by interviewers Sienna, Lucy and Arielle from Year 12. Professor Helm also answered the audience’s questions ranging from whether teenagers should learn to drive to what impact Greta Thunberg has had on climate change. He is proposing an amendment to the Constitution in the new book he is working on – The Sustainable Economy – which would require the legislature to consider the impact of any measure on future generations.

Students can access the video of Professor Helm’s highly informative and relevant talk by contacting the Careers Department.