Interview skills event

Interview Skills Event

On Monday 15 November, Years 12 and 13 were privileged to have the opportunity to attend an interview skills practice event, where they were able to practice important interview skills with the help of 60 professionals at Channing and another 15 online. The afternoon started with a talk from Carlos Gomez. He explained the key skills needed to succeed in an interview and discussed how presentation and personability were just as important as the content you were discussing, if not more so. After the talk, we then had the opportunity to practice what we had been taught.

I (Rosie) attended mock medical interviews with parents who had volunteered to help us. For example, I spoke with one of the interviewers about a medical question regarding ethics. This interested and challenged me to approach the subject, and questions on it, in a different way. This opportunity enabled me to practice my presentation and thinking skills, as well as aiding my overall confidence when it comes to medical interviews.

I (Talia) had 4 interviews with 4 different parents where I was interviewing for the role of Theatre Assistant (this was one of the three job options we could choose from). I was asked questions that could and would be asked in most types of interviews such as ‘has there ever been a point in your life where you have faced a challenge?’ or ‘what does the word team mean to you?’ in which I was able to answer with personal experiences and after answering these questions I was given feedback. For example, giving background on a question sets you apart from others. I also really enjoyed getting to ask the parents what they did and how they found their way into their current profession.

Overall, I really enjoyed the evening and I feel incredibly lucky that the Careers Department created the event for us and so many parents and friends of Channing gave up their time to help us learn essential life skills. I look forward to using the skills that I worked on in my University interview this weekend and also in the future!

Rosie and Talia, Year 13