Interview with Hella Pick CBE

As part of Jewish Book Week’s schools programme, we were delighted to welcome the author and journalist Hella Pick to talk to us about her memoir, ‘Invisible Walls’. Maria and Rosie in Year 11 interviewed Ms Pick, expertly asking questions about Ms Pick’s nearly forty-year career as foreign correspondent for The Guardian and inviting the audience to ask questions at the end.We were delighted to be joined by pupils from Parliament Hill School.

Anika in Year 12 was in the audience and has written about the interview for us here.

‘On 4 May we were incredibly lucky to hear Kindertransport refugee and accomplished journalist, Hella Pick, talk about her life and career. She touched on what it was like to move from her native Vienna to the United Kingdom, speaking no English at the time, and how she had to learn to acclimatise herself.

She also discussed the numerous events she had reported on during her career as a journalist, such as: decolonisation in West Africa, the Civil Rights movement in America, and the Cold War. It was fascinating to hear about these key historical events from someone who had witnessed them so closely.

Finally, Ms Pick also spoke about her experiences as a journalist, looking at the sexism she and many other female reporters had to face and their responses to it as well as reflecting on how journalism as a craft had changed over the years. It truly was an insightful and interesting talk.