Introduction to Careers

On the 3rd of March, two professionals spoke to Year 8 about their careers. Georgina Ruffhead is a literary agent and has worked on multiple book adaptations such as a TV series for Liz Pichon’s The Brilliant World of Tom Gates and a stage adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s Hetty Feather alongside many other great projects. During her talk, she told us about her job and how her career started after studying History & Politics, detailing how her choices in school led her to become a literary agent. Her main advice was to follow your interests and take opportunities.

Next, Dr Mark Ransford spoke to us about his experience working as a geneticist and a financier. He told us about his experience at school, his A-level choices, his academic career studying first Zoology then Genetics and how he shifted career paths later. He also gives us a quick explanation of the job of a financier, as well as a more general introduction to working with money. He also explained what an angel investor is – more risky than normal investing, recommending we hone in on skills such as python. His main advice was also to always take opportunities, and to find business partners you want to work with.

Mia and Rose, Year 8