This week, Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies students performed their original, devised piece entitled “Kore”. The work was created in response to the ‘Apple of Discord’ myth from Greek mythology and examined classical and contemporary expectations of women, desire, and beauty standards. Through the character of Aphrodite, I intend to show the disturbing effects that unrealistic beauty standards have on women. I want to create a distorted depiction of Eris throughout the piece through my use of voice to highlight her label of ‘discord’ as a sexist one.

The students created the work using exploring perspectives through live camera feeds, recorded sound and projections. Their chosen practitioner, Katie Mitchell is well known for creating ‘live cinema’ in her controversial interpretations of classical texts and operas. The students created both jarring and darkly comical moments in their performance…and the piece required several kilos of apples. A perfect fit with the current Healthy Schools Week!