Light it in red!

Today, our inspirational Performing Arts theatre, The Arundel Centre, is illuminated in red from 8pm along with all major live events venues around the country and indeed worldwide, in support of the ‘We Make Events’ Global Action Day. 

The current pandemic has impacted all of us, but it has caused some of the biggest disruption in the live events industry. ‘We Make Events’ is an organisation founded in 2020 to raise public and media awareness for the live events sector which employs around 1,000,000 highly skilled people in the UK from directors to performers to technicians. All of them have had little or no work since March and for most, no likelihood of restarting until Spring 2021 at the earliest. 

Channing has always been a seedbed for creative talent in the Performing Arts and LAMDA is a hugely popular extra-curricular activity for pupils, many of whom go on to pursue acting and performance careers. We are fortunate to have on site The Arundel Centre, our own professional-standard 244 seat venue. It hosts a myriad of superb school performances over the course of every year, from classical music concerts through to comedies and serious drama. Only last year we staged our first play produced as a collaboration between the Head of Drama and students themselves, Hysteria, to great critical acclaim and in 2019 we welcomed the Cervantes Theatre‘s production of La Casa de Bernarda Alba with a week long series of performances for both Channing pupils and other UK schools.

By lighting up the The Arundel Centre this evening and writing to our local MP, we aim to raise awareness of this ever growing issue not only to support fellow members of the profession but also to ensure that this remains a thriving future industry for the next generation.

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