Maths in Action Trip – Emmanuel Centre, Westminster

Maths in Action Trip, Year 10, Emmanuel Centre, Westminster
We missed this last year as it was cancelled due to covid so we were very excited again to be attending this popular event. Thousands of students also joined this virtually and could connect remotely and participate in all the puzzles. 50 of our students enjoyed this impressive line-up of Mathematics presenters. It was amazing to see our students so engaged and volunteering for everything. They were 10% braver as they got on stage to help demonstrate. How nice to be back doing school trips. Thanks to Mr Brand, Mr Riggs-Long and Mr Williamson who supervised the students.

Rose L, Ayushi K, Simran T’s write up of the day:
The top two sets of year 10 maths went on a trip to the Emmanuel Centre to listen to a series of talks by experienced mathematicians, explaining the different career paths derived from maths, and how they are useful in everyday life. We first had a talk from James Grime, who taught us about the mathematical side of how photos and messages are transmitted on the internet, and how wifi and frequency works. Ava T had a go at blocking wifi systems, demonstrating how Maths is associated in technology. He also introduced us to the Lorenz code, a code that was even harder to crack than the Enigma code! Next, we had a talk from Katie Steckles, who explained how fractals are formed and dynamical systems (we were amazed by her level 3 Sierpiński triangle made from business cards). Alex Bellos was the next speaker, who gave us a series of mathematical puzzles which involved problem-solving and logical thinking associated with patterns, enabling us to look at problems from a different perspective. Then, for lunch, all of the Channing students flooded Itsu, and enjoyed their lunch. We were then given a talk from the infamous Dr. Jamie Frost, who founded Dr Frost Maths, and gave us exam tips for success. He signed many of our calculators and took many photos with us students – Ms Wootton was very jealous! Next was Emily Grossman, who shared her own embarrassing stories of maths in the media, and spoke about probability and how media portrayal is selective. Finally, Tom Crawford explained how maths is used in sports, especially how best to score a penalty in football. Tabi J was nominated to take a penalty in front of the audience, scoring higher than all the other sixth form boys she was up against – go Tabi! We all really enjoyed our trip, and got some really helpful insights on how maths is used in different careers.