Montpellier Trip

Over the Easter holidays the French department took twenty one Year 10 pupils and two Year 12 pupils to sunny Montpellier for five days. In pairs or threes they stayed with host families where they had breakfast and supper with them. This was a fantastic way of using their French outside of the classroom in a real life situation, giving them greater confidence and fluency in the language. In the mornings they had lessons at LSF, a French language school in the heart of the city: LSF. In the afternoon the group enjoyed various activities such as a visit to the beach at Palavas les Flots, a guided tour of the city, a cookery lesson and a treasure hunt. The pupils were able to gain an insight into French culture and make the most of beautiful Montpellier which is a vibrant city with a friendly atmosphere. Thank you to Mme Rozières and Mme Kyle for accompanying the trip.

-Mme Romero