Music at Lunchtime
Music at Lunchtime

Music at Lunchtime – 08.11.2019

This half term’s Music at Lunchtime series got underway with a delightfully named ‘Hear today, bone tomorrow’ performed with panache by Jasmine Patra on the Trombone.
From big bold brass to a ‘magical’ Theme from ‘Harry Potter’ by Molly Bloom (Flute). Anna George (Voice) impressed with ‘I will walk with my love’, her debut performance as a Year 7 and Aimee Rosenthal delighted with the very traditional English ‘Greensleeves’ on a very untraditional Alto Saxophone! Molly Malbon (Flute) travelled back even further in time with Madrigal by Gaubert and Zoe Quartey (Viola) proved that this unfairly maligned instrument really can hold its own with a confident performance of Seitz 1st movement from
Concerto in D.

Well done!

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