Music at Lunchtime – 1st March

Music at Lunchtime was a real blast from the past for those of us of a certain vintage! Organised by Tilly Sumners and Riana Chandaria with their Y12 musician friends they put together a Beatles- themed concert. Featured were iconic numbers such as All my Loving, (from the sister act of Anna and Bridie Milsom accompanied by Eliza Goldstone on guitar), Here Comes The Sun (Edie Cartmell and Renee Shields), Hey Jude (Martha Sayer, Emily Poncia and Hannah Fernando), Let it Be (Hannah Fernando and Ellen McDonald) In my Life (Harriet Sumners, Ria Menon, Yasmin Byng & Eliza Goldstone) and Imagine (Riana Chandaria, Tilly Sumners and Martha Sayer). There were certainly a few glances from the younger members of the audience as the elder members, whilst not quite dancing in the isles, murmured along! Oh my, what a treat and trip down memory lane….. do they make them like this anymore? You can listen to the whole concert by clicking on this SoundCloud link.