Music at Lunchtime – Friday 13th May

We were in the Founders’ Hall this Friday following the superb production of Pygmalion. We started with a beautiful and soulful performance Tanaka’s ‘Lavender Field’ played by Belle K on the piano and then Elizabeth B-R sang Pergolesi’s ‘Se tu m’ami’ which was sung with real stylistic flair and superb intonation and then Elizabeth sang the traditional Londonderry Air with real pathos and excellent vocal control. Our final soloist was Yutao W who gave a delightful performance of Helen Hopekirk’s ‘Air’ – most refreshing to have an American female composer from the late 19th century! Our final performances were given by the Brunner Show Choir who delighted with the exciting and very rhythmic ‘Cups’ followed by a superb performance of ‘Best day of my life’ also sung completely a capella – what a treat! Do listen to the recital: