Music at lunchtime friday 17th september

Music at Lunchtime – Friday 17th September

There may have only been two performers at Music at Lunchtime on 17 September but my, what performers they were! Both Elizabeth (Voice) and Emily (Flute) have already achieved diplomas – with Distinction; Elizabeths’ was on the violin in year 8! Their superb musicianship and ability to communicate was evident. Elizabeth’s ‘Die Lotosblume’ bySchumann was sublime; beautiful diction, mesmerising dynamics and legato lines conveyed the message; a line translated ‘She blooms and glows and gleams’ accurately depicts Elizabeth as a musician. Emily then treated us to part of her diploma programme with a beautiful performance of three movements from Blavet’s Sonata No 4 – La Lumagne’. Emily was able to capture beautifully the French Baroque style that permeates Blavet’s music with a warm and clear tone on the flute. She then held us spell-bound and breathless with an exquisite, exciting performance of ‘Fantasie Pastorale Hongroise’ by Doppler full of customary fireworks and technical displays of wizardry! Positively marvellous! The concert also provided a wonderful opportunity to welcome Ms Caroline Marley, a new addition to our music department mainly based teaching in the Junior School, but making her debut here as an accompanist. Do listen again!

Mr Boxall