Music at Lunchtime – Friday 20th May 2022

We were back in the Arundel Centre for last Friday’s recital which started with four young musicians from years 7 & 8. Georgie V played the fabulous Gardelino sonata by Vivaldi on the recorder, followed by Hattie H playing Inter City Stomp with great aplomb on the piano. Ester K thrilled with Monty Norman’s classic James Bond Theme on the trumpet and then Flora G gave a beautiful rendition of Borowski’s ‘Adoration’ on the cello. Then we had a first at Music at Lunchtime, with the debut performance of our Year 12 band – ‘War on Flora’ with Isla C on Vocals, Barbara P on lead guitar, Savanna J on Bass Guitar and Matilda O on drums. They played a set of three songs, one of which, Willem Dafoe was their own composition. They really wowed the overflowing Arundel Centre and played superbly with great confidence and flair! Certainly we will be looking for a repeat performance in the not too distant future. There will be a video available after half term, but you can hear the whole recital here: