Music at lunchtime friday 5th november

Music at Lunchtime – Friday 5th November

Musical fireworks were the order of the day for our Music at Lunchtime to end our first week back. With performances from students in Year 7 to 13 it was lovely to see the whole community represented. The singers Susie D, Margo R, Alanna F and Celia G treated us to a huge and delightful variety of songs ranging from ‘My Grandfather’s Clock’, ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and ‘Poor Wayfaring Stranger’ to ‘Vieni o mio diletto’ by Vivaldi. Eve C delighted us again with her Double Bass and ‘A Deep Song’ by J Walton. This short, sonorous and melodic piece provided ample opportunity to explore the rich depths of this instrument. It was left to Imogen B (Violin) whose pyrotechnic finger and bow work in ‘Fantasie No7’ by Telemann sent us off with a sparkle in our eyes.

Do listen to the recital here: