Music at Lunchtime – Friday 6th May

Last Friday’s recital was a bumper edition and took place in the Founders’ Hall. It opened with a stunning performance of the 1st movement of Schubert’s String Quintet in C. This is one of the most important works in the string repertoire and to be performed with such maturity by this Y10 and Y11 group is astounding. THE quintet are: Ottile W, Natalia B, Zoe Q, Eva C and Darcey H. A Year 8 duet of ‘Homeward bound’ from Bella K and Anna R-B was beautifully shaped and balanced and Flora G’s slow movement of Telemann’s Cello sonata was equally poised and delicate. Chloe L also in Year 8 sang the moving hit from Chess; ‘Someone else’s story’ and Marth R followed, singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Nothing new’ accompanying herself ably on the guitar. Our final two singers at the time were about to go on study leave, firstly Ruby D gave a stunning performance of; Heart of Stone’ and Talia N gave a delightful interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both sides now’. Eva C then returned to the stage as our final performer showing her versatility by performing the fast-paced and exciting ‘Wake up’ by Rage Against the Machine on the drum kit. What a recital and a joy to see a packed Founders’ Hall with so many pupils and parents supporting these hugely talented musicians! If you missed it, listen below: