Music at lunchtime friday 8th october

Music at Lunchtime – Friday 8th October

No sooner had we cleared the stage from the Year 11 Concert on Thursday evening when it was back in use on Friday lunchtime. Those sceptics who grimace at the mention of the word recorder would have delighted in Georgina’s delicate and mesmerising performance ofVivace: First movement from Sonata in F major by Telemann. Saira (French Horn) blew us away again with ‘Ode to Joy’. We haven’t heard a French Horn in ages and here she is two weeks running! Again, having thrilled us last week, Evangelina (Voice) didn’t disappoint this week with ‘Your song’ by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Eve proved just what a versatile and engaging instrument the Double Bass is with a wonderful, haunting and melancholic performance of Tapio: Third movement from Finnish Sketches. It was left to Simran (Violin) to bring this half term season of Music at Lunchtime to a close with a foot tapping, beguiling Tango ‘Por una Cabeza’ by Gardel.

Mr Boxall