Music at Teatime – Friday 19th March

What a complete joy it was to be able to celebrate the end of the 2nd full week back in school and the last Music at Teatime of the term, with a real, live concert! The Chamber Choir reduced the privileged and select audience to tears with a stunning performance of Scarborough Fair’. Celine Obadiah (Violin) charmed with the 2nd Movement from Concerto in G by Rieding. Georgina Grossman and Scarlett Durling (Voice) delivered a passionate performance of ‘Hopelessly devoted to you’. Grace Wu (Violin) had us wanting to join in her Tango, socially distanced of course, with her rendition of El Choclo. Mrs Lindsey and Mrs Daniels had a treat as Constantina Papadopoulos (Bassoon) delighted us with Adagio in F by Spohr. If this performance was a taster of things to come for her upcoming Grade 8 examination the examiner is in for a treat! Isabel Lesser (Violin) brought this special afternoon to a close with a gorgeous and heartfelt performance of a perennial favourite ‘Ladies in Lavender’. Thank you all for such a memorable concert and a huge thank you to all of you have have kept us entertained this term with your recordings.