Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Evening

Last Monday we had a whistle-stop tour of Musical Theatre in the Arundel Centre that included show stopping solo numbers (taken from shows as diverse as Calamity Jane, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Hairspray, West Side Story and Grease) sung by students in readiness for their Music Theatre examinations later this term. If Nura Bentata, Salma Ansari, Sophie Dain, Freya Calder, Alia Khalouf, Saskia Kirkegaard, Sophie Bremen, Alice Gray, Charis Bone, Ria Menon, Georgina Grossman, Scarlett Durling, Julia Conti-Gemes, Lara Dailey, Talia Nabarro, Matilda Sumners and Rebecca Fenner can impress the examiner in the same way as they enchanted and delighted the audience I can’t wait to see the results! The Brunner Show Choir bought the show to a close with a fabulous foot-tapping medley from La La Land.

Do listen to the show by clicking on this link to Soundcloud (or paste it into your browser).