Poetry workshops with cecilia knapp

Poetry workshops with Cecilia Knapp

This week pupils have been celebrating National Poetry Day with poet Cecilia Knapp. Cecilia recorded a video workshop for pupils in Years 7-9 and led two in-person workshops with groups of pupils in Years 8-11. Natasha and Ariella in Year 9 took part in one of the workshops and share their experience of it here:

On the 12th of October, several Year 8 and Year 9 students were presented with the opportunity to participate in a poetry workshop with the poet, Cecilia Knapp.The workshop began with poetry themed exercises, including creating haikus and free writing, all of which assisted us in writing a final poem at the end of the session.

Both of us jumped at the opportunity to participate in this workshop, and are so glad we decided to do so because it was extremely enjoyable, and was beneficial in developing our writing skills through practice and new methods.

We really look forward to more similar opportunities that give us a range of different skills and ideas throughout our journey up the school.We are so grateful for the workshops and talks the school provides us with and are excited for the near future.