Psychology News – Dr Guy Sutton

On Monday, Dr Guy Sutton, Neuroscientist and a Psychiatry Professor at the University of Nottingham Medical School, conducted a successful workshop at Channing. He touched upon the history and assessment of mental illnesses, differing aspects of the brain and a live brain dissection for Year 12 and 13 Psychology and Biology students. Students from a local school were also invited to take part in this wonderful opportunity as part of the school’s outreach programme.

Dr Sutton delivered an exceptional lecture in the evening entitled ‘The Present and Future of the Brain’ which explored some recent developments in neuroscience, together with emerging technologies such as the ‘cerebral organoid’ – growing human brain in a Petri dish – and the brain computer interface.

Parents or pupils who attended the lecture and would like a copy of the PDF Tutorial pack from Dr Sutton are encouraged to email Ms Rehmat, Acting Head of Psychology at: