Science Week

It has been a busy week at Channing with a range of Science Week activities taking place. Year 7 started off the week with a trip to London Zoo that included a talk on ecology. There was also a talk from Rebecca Ellis, principal optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital and ‘Advanced Practice Training Programme Director’ for Ophthalmology in the London region at Health Education England (HEE). Rebecca shared some useful insights about a non-medical pathway into working with patients in hospitals and shared information about different treatment methods for eye disorders, such as medical contact lenses. Several competitions also launched on Monday, with a microscope images quiz for Years 7-9, an RSC poster competition for Years 7-8, the Biology Challenge for Years 9-10 and the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge (C3L6) for Year 12. On Tuesday, Biology Club ran a session for Years 7-10 investigating wind-pollinated flowers, and on Wednesday students from Years 7 and 8 made Slime in Science Club. On Thursday we had two visiting speakers. Professor Ewan Birney spoke to Year 12 Scientists about the human genome and potential uses for DNA as a storage medium; who would have thought that all of Shakespeare’s sonnets could be stored as DNA code? Students from Years 10-12 listened to Marc George, a consultant Clinical Pharmacologist explain his role and his career path, highlighting some of the rewards and challenges on his 20-year journey in medicine. Finally, Year 8 students have been making towers out of Spaghetti and marshmallows in their Science lessons to test their engineering skills. It has been fantastic to see our students engaging with and enjoying science and we look forward to watching them continue to do so in the future.