Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh

Silver Duke of Edinburgh

On the 27th of April, 55 intrepid Year 10 students accompanied by 12 staff (including 2 ‘old girls’- Grace Hurford and Rachel Narunsky), donned their walking boots, waterproofs and backpacks to take on the challenge of Box Hill for their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition.

The forecast, as is normal for this time of year, was grim: if you thought leafy North London was windy and cold two weekends ago, then spare a thought for the students who were trekking open fields, dense forests and bare mountain sides. Better yet, spare a thought for the challenges of putting up a tent, keeping it pegged down, and staying warm in those gail force winds!

But survive these challenging condition those hardy and tough students did. This was the largest group I have ever taken on Silver Practice, and the planning and preparation by the DoE Team was intense. However, the actual weekend was smooth and enjoyable and a testament to the support from the teachers and the tenacity and good humour of the students.

They were delightful company; in particular the ‘jokes’ that were left on checkpoint cards by some groups were indeed amusing.

I would like to congratulate all of the students who managed this 3 day Expedition; at the moment all of Year 10 are heads down with their May Examinations. The experience of Duke of Edinburgh, or in fact any physical ‘challenge’ is a poignant reminder to students that they are stronger than they think.

We now look forward to the Assessed Expedition on the other ‘Downs’- the South Downs in July. Thank you once again to the following staff and students who gave up their time to support this important expedition: Mr Riggs Long, Ms Yun, Mr Hill, Miss Arnold, Miss Wijmeersch, Mr Daurat, Ms McCarthy, Mr Headey, Miss Moor, Mrs Kennedy, Dr Devlin, Maddie Damberg-Ott, Rachel Narunsky, and Grace Hurford.

Miss Zanardo Silver Duke of Edinburgh Leader