Stephen spender trust competition

Stephen Spender Trust Competition

Sophie D, Year 10, took part in the annual competition for poetry in translation organised by the Stephen Spender Trust. She was awarded a commendation for her translation of a German poem and was invited to the virtual awards ceremony which took place on 17 November 2021. Congratulations, Sophie!

Klima? Katastrophe! By Helge Klein

I often like to think back to the days
of my time as a child
when we rejoiced in the summer’s golden haze
still going out in the wild:

In spring, the sun was always shining
In summer, we went to the beach.
In autumn, I saw the geese flying
The winter land was white as bleach

Today it rains in Spring very often
In summer the forest fires roar
It usually storms unexpectedly in autumn,
And it doesn’t get cold in winter anymore

I’ve been thinking about our doomed future
Should man be blamed?
He ruined the nature
with his cult of fame!

Through their obsession with plastic and fumes from cars and vans Greenery will turn to desert
With no consistent environmental protection plan
The last hour will soon strike the earth.

Beware, you consumer,
Your commitment is valuable
For your greed corrupts humanity like a tumour
And your lack of care will soon take its toll.