Teen Tech – City of Tomorrow Festival Day

Last Wednesday 15th June, 15 year 8 students took part in the Teen Tech City of Tomorrow festival at the university of Roehampton.

This was the second part of the challenge following on from a session all of year 8 took part in, where they had to brainstorm, design and build a model of a building that would be needed in a ‘City of Tomorrow’.

The 15 students took part in 3 activity zones:

Innovation – the students pitched their ideas in teams to judges and peers, and gained personalised feedback from the business ambassadors and industry expert guests. The judges were so impressed with their projects that every team won an award.

Insight – the students took part in a variety of ‘hands-on’ engaging 15-minute activities led by companies and university departments which offered a taster of different STEAM opportunities in the world of work and higher education.

Challenge – students had the opportunity to experience more challenging interactive activities led by a further range of exciting companies and experts!

The students were engaged throughout the day and enjoyed the day. Here is what two students had to say:

“I loved this experience, not only did we get to present our ideas, we also got to look into other amazing projects. We also got to get an insight to what wonderful things you can achieve at that university.” – Kaia y8

“Going to the teen tech competition was an eye opener of what a modern world would look like. It was such an interesting experience and I really enjoyed it.” – Elika y8