The Sixth Form Concert – Thursday 28th April

This year’s Sixth Form Concert promised to be a particularly special one and it did not disappoint. The evening started with three of our four A level candidates giving their A level recitals, unfortunately Abigail O was unwell and unable to perform this evening. Yasmin was first with a sparkling rendition of Mozart’s ‘Batti batti’ followed by a very stylistic performance of Smetana’s ‘Aus der Heimat ‘ from Yuki W. Talia N’s haunting vocalisation of ‘A bit of earth’ completed our A level trio. Connie P (Bassoon) then performed with Anna W (Oboe) and Grace W (Piano) the slow movement of Poulenc’s trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano. They displayed great musicality and control in this neo-romantic movement. Flora F was positively stunning in her performance of ‘Slipping through my fingers’ singing and playing from the piano. Amelia M’s light touch in Einaudi’s ‘Golden Butterflies’ captured the mood of this minimalist piano piece. Hattie S and Grace A were fabulous and kept straight faces as they gave an excellent rendition of ‘Man or Muppet’ ably accompanied on the piano by Connie P! We came back down to earth, or the ballet, with Molly B, Maddy H, Molly M, and Hana S-F’s excellent flute ensemble playing two movements by Tchaikovsky. No concert is complete without a little Bach and Lilia F ably played the famous Bach Prelude from his unaccompanied cello suite – very stylish! Charlie W and Stella H then delighted us with the 1st movement of the Bach Double Violin Concerto, complete with their inverse outfits! We certainly loved Anna M’s ‘If I loved you’ sung with the maturity and feeling we expect from this seasoned singer! Then it was the turn of the Saxophone Trio with Charlie W , Alia K and Lisa S playing ‘Yesterday’. Another highlight of the evening was the trio of Hattie S, (Voice and Trumpet) Eliza G (Voice and Guitar) and Lilia F (Cello) performing the Beatles’ Golden Slumbers -Carry that Weight -Hey Jude medley. This had such poise and beauty; as someone remarked to me, it is easy to forget what great songwriters Lennon and McCartney were, until you hear a performance like this. The final act of the evening was a duet by Yasmin B and Talia N singing, most appropriately, ‘You are the music in me’, complete with pink recorders! This year group has given so much to the musical life of Channing, some since starting in the String Group in Year 1 at Fairseat, but most since they joined in Year 7; we will really miss them next year! If you were unable to attend the concert, do watch below: