Visit by author Sita Brahmachari – Monday 21 February

Local author Sita Brahmachari talked to Year 7 about her books and career on Monday. She also had lunch with the pupil librarians. Sita is the award-winning author of several books and plays, including Artichoke Hearts, Tender Earth (set in Queen’s Wood) and Where the River Runs Gold. Becky attended the talk and lunch and shares her impressions here.

The visit from Sita Brahmachari was truly amazing. She spoke to Year Seven about the inspiration for her books and her role as Ambassador for Amnesty International. Her family played a big role in her stories and she showed us a very special paint palette which was used by her mother-in-law, who was an artist and inspired some of the characters in her books. She told us that we paint our own stories and even the smallest things can mean so much to one single person. Her artichoke heart charm (the inspiration for ‘Artichoke Hearts’) was passed around the Arundel Center which was an exciting moment! She also spoke about her characters and how she created them to have flaws, which makes them easy to relate to. The lunch was also fascinating. She told us about the House of the Ayahs – the inspiration for her book ‘When Secrets Set Sail’. The Ayahs were a group of Indian nannies who came to work in England during the Victorian era and those who were not able return to their homeland had to stay in a house in Hackney called the House of the Ayahs. Her visit was very moving and it was lovely welcoming her and having her speak to us.