World War II
World War II

World War II Workshop

Pupils in Year 6M were transported back in time to May 1944. The day began by listening to stories, based on the style of an Enid Blyton children’s adventure, set during World War Two. The girls imagined themselves in London, ten days before D-Day, where they were tasked with handling a variety of primary evidence and artefacts.

The first mission was to scrutinise and interrogate historical evidence, including: letters, photographs, 1940s clothing, suitcases, service records, incident reports, military intelligence, medical records, maps and secret messages. The overriding theme was ‘Careless Talk Costs Lives’ and the Year 6M girls inhabited a world where every stranger was to be treated with suspicion. The challenge revealed evidence belonging to spies, who were intent on jeopardising the war effort!

As part of the afternoon activity, the girls worked to understand, interpret and utilise a variety of codes and ciphers. Working in communication pairs, girls sent and received messages, enciphering and deciphering statements using substitution ciphers (such as the ‘Pig Pen’ and ‘Shift’ cipher).

The Spy School focused on the contribution that the SOE, the OSS and the Renaissance groups in occupied France gave, in the lead-up to D-Day, as well as over the days and weeks that followed. All Year 6M girls would have made fantastic operatives during WWII