Year 10 and 12 Careers Carousel

Careers in STEM

In a talk from Professor Nigel Hunt OBE, Year 12 students were given a great insight into both the dental and medical school application processes as well as the variety of job roles in the field, including his speciality, orthodontics. Additionally, he spoke about his role as Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons and how he influenced government policy to introduce the sugar tax which has significant benefits, most specifically to young children. Furthermore, he mentioned several key experiences within his career and the importance of perseverance when it comes to challenging situations. Overall, it was an extremely informative and engaging presentation and we were very lucky to have such a successful and renowned professor speak to us.

Flora, Year 12

This Thursday, during PSHE, Year 10 had a talk from the accomplished Professor Ewan Birney, a genetic scientist and winner of multiple awards. We were very lucky that Professor Birney could spend time with us to speak about his life and his profession. He is Deputy Director General of EMBL (European Bioinformatics Institute) where he leads the analysis of different organisms such as the Human Genome, mouse and chicken genomes and the ENCODE project, where he focuses on the non-coding elements of the human genome. His main area of research is functional genomics. He also spoke about four of his students and their journeys with him and his company. This was particularly interesting for us as their journeys may relate to what we will endeavour to do once we have left Channing.
At the end of his presentation, we asked him follow up questions; we all had our curiosities and independent inquiries. He provided a detailed answer which gave us a broader understanding of his work and genetic research in general, as well as an insight to the ins and outs of his job.
Overall, I think we greatly benefitted from this visit and to have someone of such high status in the world of science was fascinating and such a pleasure for us all.

Maddy, Year 10

In the Neuroscience talk, Year 10 students were introduced to Beatrice Bowlby, a university student studying Neuroscience at St Andrew’s University in Scotland. The year 10s were told about what it is like studying Neuroscience and the challenges and different pathways of life you can go down with this degree in your hand. We also learnt the difficulties of being an international student and how school was different to the US. We were given advice on how to stand out on their applications for their chosen universities and insights on how it is to go from an American High School to a UK university. Overall, the year 10s were very engaged and learnt about what to expect if you go down this path.

Sophia, Year 10

On Wednesday, Channing was lucky enough to have Mark Opland in for a Computer Science and Product Design talk. It was so interesting to hear how the combination of his study of Psychology and Computer Science at university have aided him greatly throughout his career. I was also fascinated to hear about how computer design works, and how it is mainly based on thinking about what would make users lives easier and how UX (user experience) can be used to aid particular organisations. Thank you so much for such an insightful talk, Mr Opland!

Anna, Year 12

Careers in the Arts

During the wonderful talk by Anne v. Baeyer, we were able to envision and learn about the nature of an art history degree. Between advice on where to study and different museums to look at, as well as Anne’s fascinating jewellery background, this talk really enabled us to make a collective decision towards the best pathway for a more creative take on a career.
This talk was especially helpful for me as I aim to study fashion, and learning about the backgrounds and building blocks of different styles and trends is a very necessary amenity towards designing in depth couture.

Rachel, Year 12

Louise Allen’s talk was extremely engaging and speaking on behalf of everyone, we all really enjoyed it and found it very interesting. She gave us lots of inside information into the TV and Media business. She explained clearly the steps to success in this industry and in great detail, as well as telling us about the many opportunities you have whilst doing this, such as travelling and the variety of productions you can do. She was very honest with us and spoke to us like adults which was really nice to hear. Thank you, Ms Allen!

Scarlett – Year 10

On Thursday, Year 10 had an inspiring talk from Kim Sheehan on a career in music. Kim has an amazing career as an opera singer and described her journey to success as well as answering all of our questions! She has sung and worked at many venues such as Zurich Opera House and, as well as this, has studied in many incredible places such as the Royal College of Music and Cork School of Music. Kim is very skilled at languages (she speaks German and French) which enables her job to take her to many places. For all of us, it was a great opportunity to gather insight into this fascinating career!

Ava, Year 10

On Wednesday during our Enrichment session, we were very lucky to have former Channing Head Girl, Zoe Thompson, talk to us about working as a Civil Servant in the Ministry of Justice. She gave us deep insight into how she applied for the Civil Service and what her working day involved. She also discussed her university experience doing a Combined Honours in Social Sciences at the University of Durham before giving us some excellent advice on the application process for university. We were very grateful to have such an insightful and enjoyable talk from Zoe.

Anika – Year 12