Year 12 biodiversity fieldwork

Year 12 Biodiversity Fieldwork

On Friday 24th September, Year 12 Biology students went on a field trip to Epping Forest. We arrived at the Field Studies Centre and were greeted by our guide, Celeste, who told us about the site and the various species that live there. In the morning we focused on aquatic invertebrates. We carried out an investigation comparing the biodiversity of two ponds (Lily Pond and Frog Pond). In groups, we planned our investigation and used pond dipping as the strategy to collect different species of invertebrates, identifying them with a dichotomous key. Back in the laboratory, we compared their biodiversity using a statistical test.  In the afternoon we spent time focused on terrestrial invertebrates. In our groups we collected data about how the tree species affected biodiversity. We found lots of different invertebrates and even a toad! It was a very fun and informative trip- but we won’t miss the spiders!

Edie and Sienna Year 12