Year 12 Chemistry Trip to Sacred Spirits Distillery

On Wednesday 29th June the Year 12 Chemists visited the Sacred Spirits distillery in Highgate. The students were able to see distillation in action and learnt about how the flavours of the botanicals are extracted by mashing in alcohol. Samara J and Ruby S helped to weigh out the orris root and label the container to allow for full traceability of the ingredients. We also learnt about how the use of vacuum distillation, which they invented, allows for lower temperatures to be used, reducing energy costs and making the whole process more sustainable (this process uses less than 10% of the energy of a normal distillery). Alexander Jeffreys, the commercial director, allowed us to smell the different botanicals, including cinnamon, clove and yuzu, and explained how combinations are mixed in specific qualities to create a range of spirits of different flavours. The leftover botanicals are then anaerobically digested by bacteria to provide a source of renewable energy. We had a fascinating afternoon and we would like to thank everyone at Sacred Gin, but especially Alexander, for making us so welcome and for a very inspiring session.